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  1. Ben says:

    This website is disturbing. I'm not sure why a 36-year-old married father of five feels like his calling to help Christ's kingdom is to troll the internet looking for pictures of high-school-aged (or younger) girls, download those pictures, post the pictures on his website, and then make comments about how "immodest" the girls in the pictures are dressed. It's creepy and perverted. If he walked up to those kids and made the same comments to their faces, he would be arrested. But such is life on the Internet, I suppose.

    This site is also a perfect warning for parents – be careful where and how your children post pictures of themselves online. Make sure you check their privacy settings and that they also know how to do so, because you never know what kind of pervert will be looking.

    Finally, having grown up in a very strict legalistic denomination, this website immediately brought back the years of sermons that I heard using such arguments to denigrate women, impose unreasonable and often illogical man-made "holiness" standards on them, set up a doctrine of "separation" that did nothing but fill members with condemnation and drive away anyone who was an "outsider," and help perpetuate other areas of patriarchal-based spiritual abuse. Things like this website (creepiness factor aside) just make me sad for the people who are still living in that world; ever convinced that they should be ashamed, and never convinced that Christ loves them for their hearts, not their outer appearance. This website makes my heart ache.

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