Bag of Randomness


  • This whole Bag of Randomness was written while on pain killers, so there’s no telling what you are gonna get today.
  • I’ve spent plenty of times in waiting rooms for friends and family in the hospital and surgery, but it was quite surreal being on the other end.
  • I already paid $1,700 at my doctor’s office for the surgery, but when I arrived at the surgery center I had to pay another $1,700, this time for use of the surgery center.  I guess the only other bill I should be waiting for is the anesthesiologist.
  • Speaking of anesthesiologist, despite it being a different facility, I got the man that did one of WifeGeeding’s epidurals.
  • I did receive another bill from the Dallas Cowboys medical imaging facility.  They listed an email address that had a identifier, which seemed kind of budget, which reminded me of when Sarah Palin used when she was governor.
  • As I guess with most patients, I put my hospital gown on incorrectly.  No, not backwards, but I didn’t know it had sleeves and just basically stuck my arms through the first pair of holes I could find.
  • One thought that kept going through my head was how well I was feeling and knowing I will feel like crud about an hour and a half later.  You know, that whole you gotta feel worst before you can feel better thing.
  • As I was being wheeled to surgery, the thought that went through my mind was “I’ve seen this point of view many of times watching “ER”. Man, I use to watch that show a lot.”
  • I thought I’d remember the part of counting to ten backwards while being put to sleep, but I didn’t get that far.  I remember my arms being laid out to my sides in crucifix or Texas execution style and monitoring equipment being added, and then told I would be given pure oxygen.  A brief time later I recall the oxygen mask slipping off my face and that was it.
  • My clothes were taken with me and kept under my bed during the surgery.  I think I would have like to have snuck an mp3 recorder just to go back and listen to what they were talking about during my surgery.  It was probably just boring medical stuff, but I’m still curious.
  • I was told I was up for about 45-minutes before WifeGeeding came back to see me, but it seemed like she was there when i first woke.  I also felt kind of rushed being lead out, but per WifeGeeding I was actually there for a while.  Thank goodness for vomit bags, I had to use one on the way home.
  • My ears hurt more than expected, but the worst pain has been the head aches, the worst I’ve had.  I expected the pain in the nose, and that’s manageable, but for some reason didn’t take into consideration the amount of drainage and blood that would be coming out.  The grossest part is waking up with dried blood in my mouth.  Cleaning my nostrils of chunks of blood is also gross, but was kind of expected.
  • I thought recovery was going quite well until DaughterGeeding was sitting in my lap.  A stuffed animal was stuck under the iPad she was watching and while trying to retrieve it, she back fisted my Rafiki style.  She felt so bad, and to be honest, as much as it hurt, I thought it was cute and funny.
  • Basically, right now I feel beat up, bloody and sore.  I can handle the pain regarding my nose, but I keep getting severe headaches every four or five hours.  And in case you are curious, today’s tempting picture of the day is a here’s a high-res pic of the stents inside my nose.  Those get removed on Wednesday.
  • I’m now on my fifth round of antibiotics, but this time I’m on them for 21 straight days.
  • I thought it was the pain pills, but I woke up from a Saturday afternoon nap and a Hardin-Simmons University men’s basketball game was televised in HD.  But it was no nap, HSU got killed by the Ken Starr Baylor Bears.  Funny thing, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen my alma mater on television, much less in HD.
  • When I was a student at HSU in the mid and late 90’s we played Baylor and got killed, but when I spoke to one of my friends on the basketball team about it, he said Baylor was by far the friendliest teams he played against.  I believe that was Dave Bliss’ first year as Baylor’s head coach.
  • I’ve mentioned that my favorite pastor as of late is Adam Hamilton.  Today he will be delivering the sermon for the National Prayer Service at the National Cathedral.  The service is from 10:30 am to noon eastern time (9:30 to 11:00 am central time) and you can watch online at
  • Personally, I think a second presidential inauguration should be nothing but a simply indoor event as it’s really nothing more than a continuation of things.
  • I’m assuming if Romney would have won, the Obama’s would have already been moved out of the White House on Sunday when the actual constitutional oath was performed, with all the ceremonial stuff still set for Monday?
  • I guess I got the Super Bowl I was hoping for.  So much for home field advantage, huh?
  • I miss the old style of the AFC and NFC championship trophies.  Here’s an old AFC trophy for reference.
  • Herb Kelleher’s latest Fortune magazine interview.  He’s working on a new book, which is going to be a must read for me.
  • The 2013 Women in TV Power List
  • Former NBC5 anchor Jane McGarry returning to TV with 5-part series on WFAA8’s ‘Good Morning Texas’
  • Deion Sanders’ daughter is playing for a bikini basketball league
  • Personalize you own candy hearts
  • Apple Is Hiring Funny Writers To Make Siri Funnier
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  1. RPM says:

    Hope you get to feeling better, quick. Surgery sucks, no matter what kind it is. I hear there's an ancient herbal remedy that will help with the headaches, pains and nausea. It's popular in Colorado.

  2. GeedingNation says:

    "And in case you are curious, today’s tempting picture of the day is a here’s a high-res pic of the stents inside my nose. Those get removed on Wednesday."

    Thanks, but no. I'll pass this one up.

    THE BEST 30 ROCK ONE-LINERS…"Science is my most favorite subject, especially the Old Testament"
    I think I'll be using this one.

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