Teens Go Makeup-Free at NJ High School in Natural Beauty Campaign

Female students, teachers and staff at a New Jersey high school ditched their usual makeup routines Friday as part of a campaign to support natural beauty.

The girls and women at Northern Valley High School in Old Tappan say they’re protesting the idea that cosmetics and superficial appearance define beauty.

“They don’t need makeup to be beautiful,” said 17-year-old junior Lauren Alberti, who organized the face-off against makeup in a daylong campaign called “I Support Natural Beauty.”

Alberti said she got the idea while researching for a group discussion about body image at her church.

Alberti started a Facebook page which drew several hundred responses and snowballed into the school project. “I Support Natural Beauty” stickers could be seen on sweaters and backpacks Friday.

“It fits into our character building program,” said Patrick Nagy, the superintendent of schools for the Northern Valley Regional High School District.

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