Bag of Randomness

  • It’s Monday, so if you just need something to stare at and zone out for a while, here you go.
  • I’ve been sick with a bacterial infection since the first week of November and now I’m on my third round of a different antibiotic.
  • Last night I watched the season finale of “The Amazing Race” with WifeGeeding who watches weekly, and I’ve never heard the phrase “oh my god” uttered so much in my life.  Those twins were something else.
  • I do love how that show ends, with all the eliminated contestants waiting and cheering at the finish line.
  • Even for this Longhorn fan, it’s been fun watching A&M football this year with the play of Johnny Manziel, but it’s amazing that a man who took a shirtless mug shot back in June would be in New York accepting the Heisman Trophy as first freshman to do so.  Hopefully that incident was just a small bump on what looks like is going to be a fantastic career.   There’s still one more game for the Aggies to play this year, but I’d think at the start of next season they will be ranked at least in the top five, if not the top two.
  • The Bo Jackson “30 for 30” was good but not what I hoped it would be.  I never knew the real story behind why he didn’t go to Tampa Bay, and I was a bit surprised they never included that photograph I have posted above.  As a kid, that photograph was part of a very prized card collection.  Heck, I still have the card.
  • KDFW reported that the new FBC Dallas building will have a dancing water fountain set to music.  When you see what the fountain will look like (14 second mark), I think you’d agree it’s a bit excessive.  I guess it will be something nice for the homeless folks living in downtown to look at.
  • When reading an interview with “Jeopardy!” super-champion Ken Jennings, I was surprised to learn that the show doesn’t pay for any travel cost.
  • Too bad there aren’t more pressing things in this world – Ellen DeGeneres commercial for J. C. Penney angers Christian group
  • Apparently, Obama has lost a lot of weight
  • Jerry Jones and Jay Ratliff got into an argument
  • The latest Apple maps goof have left some folks stranded at a national park for 24 hours without food or water.
  • Eighteenth Century French Chateau Demolished ‘By Mistake’ During Renovation
  • A flying drone with a 6-foot claw
  • Mercedes Delivers New Popemobile
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