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Special Olympian calls out pundit Ann Coulter for saying ‘retard’

John Franklin Stephens, a Special Olympics athlete, penned an open letter to conservative political pundit Ann Coulter on Tuesday, asking her why she calls people “retarded.” The letter was prompted by a tweet Coulter sent out during the presidential debate … Continue reading

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South Korean Automated Gun Can Shoot a Human Target 3km Away

And no human presence is required for it to be operational. The robot overlords are a coming.

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A bounce pass in football?

That must have taken some practice, you throw the slightly off and it bounces all over the place.

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Write in Jesus for President

This group doesn’t like Obama nor Romney, but since Jesus isn’t a naturalized citizen, I don’t think he would qualify as a presidential candidate.  But then again, if Obama was able to bypass a few things, who says the Son … Continue reading

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Something I haven’t noticed, something I’m not sure is true

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Bag of Randomness

There’s a couple interesting tidbits in this 60 Minutes Overtime about the new Spielberg Lincoln movie.  Not only do you get to see Spielberg work with John Williams, but you learn the actual ticking of a watch is the recorded sound … Continue reading

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