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Now that looks fun . . . The Water Blob

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Omaha schoolgirl dresses as a different historical figure each day

This is how Stella Ehrhart, age 8, decides what to wear for school. She opens her closet. She opens her book, “100 Most Important Women of the 20th Century.” And she opens her mind. Voilà, she is Billie Holiday, in … Continue reading

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Feel Free to Take a Bite of Hot Pizza

And you can thank some Longhorns . . . Arlington, Va. — A dissolvable oral strip has been developed to immediately relieve pain from burns caused by ingestion of hot foods and liquids, such as coffee, pizza, and soup. This … Continue reading

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Jumping in a frozen pool

The man speaks in German and you hear a few f-bombs, just wanted to let you know if you are sensitive to that sort of thing.

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Glenn Beck Sells American-Made Jeans

Full Article 1791 Supply & Co. Announcing 1791 Denim from 1791 Supply & Co. on Vimeo.

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Jesus Ween


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Bag of Randomness

I’ve noticed that Bob Schieffer hasn’t been part of any prime time debate coverage, but then realized since he’s moderating the last debate, perhaps he’s removed himself as a conflict of interest. I wonder if there’s ever been a presidential … Continue reading

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