Target Makes A Movie

This is an interesting piece of marketing . . .

Next month Kristen Bell, Nia Long, and Zachary Abel are starring in a romantic comedy, Falling For You, directed by Phil Abraham (of Mad Men and The Sopranos). Sounds typical, except for the fact that Target is behind it, and the flick features more than 110 of the mass retailer’s fashion, beauty, and home decor items, which will be styled by Jennifer Rade (who has worked with Angelina Jolie and P!nk). But the most notable part of it all is that the goods will be shoppable throughout the film—making it all the more tempting to open your wallet for Target’s on-trend, affordable pieces.

The film will be released in five-minute episodes on October 2, 4, and 9, with the grand finale livestreamed from NYC on October 10 on


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