Bag of Randomness

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  1. Ben W. says:

    The Oxford comma (also known as the "serial comma") is always good to use. It improves sentence clarity. While it is never wrong to use the Oxford comma, there are plenty of times when it is wrong NOT to use it. For example:

    With the Oxford comma: I invited the strippers, Romney, and Obama.
    Without the Oxford comma: I invited the strippers, Romney and Obama.

    Unless you want Romney and Obama stripping, go with the Oxford comma.

    /end grammar nerd rant

  2. Stefanie says:

    LOVE the headline image today!! Spot on.

    Canned air reminds me of the Lorax.

    Yesterday, my daughter asked what HOV meant (as in HOV lane) and I went into a long discussion about pollution, ozone layer, carbon dioxide, global warming…we covered it all. Later that evening, we were listening to NPR that ironically had a discussion on the same exact topic. Total WIN! I think my daughter actually learned something yesterday.…

  3. dan says:

    "In an interview yesterday, Brian Williams stated that the election will basically come down to 12 counties. Seriously, why is the Electoral College still around?"

    A week ago an article in the WSJ made the same point. Of registered voters who are likely to vote, somewhere in the range of 90% had made up their minds. Obama and Romney were planning on spending a billion dollars to influence a few hundred thousand uncommitted registered voters in key counties of key states.

    And you are right, both sides have written off Texas, Utah, California, and New York's electoral college votes as if those states have already voted. It's really hard to explain to someone not from the U.S. why we have an electoral college. I guess the founders didn't completely trust the electorate.

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