Bag of Randomness

  • Don’t worry, the bear didn’t do any killing, just click the picture for an explanation.
  • I think mosquito bites weren’t as itchy when I was a child.
  • We were in the Flower Mound area and decided to eat at Culver’s where we were basically the only folks dining in.  After several minutes a family walks in and decides to sit in the booth directly behind us despite of the empty room.
  • While at a health food store one of the male clerks was helping me find an item, checked me out at the register, and then walked me to the door and even held the door open for me.  I’m afraid he was really ‘checking’ me out.
  • Yup, my WifeGeeding pays more attention to the kids – I’ve been using the hair clippers with no guard on my head lately, but on Saturday night I actually shaved my head with a razor and she didn’t notice.
  • This natural kaleidoscope at Y0semit is just beautiful.
  • Is it too soon to start accusing China lying about the age of their female gymnasts for this Olympics?  I just thought I’d be the first to do so as we’ll be hearing a lot about it next week.
  • The NFL season is right around the corner and many are unaware that the officials/refs are being locked out.  If the lockout continues, they will not be replaced by big time college refs, but refs from small colleges and high schools.  So if you thought refs made bad calls in the past, just you wait.
  • The NCAA likes to take away wins from years gone by as they’ve done with Michigan basketball and USC and Penn State football, and by doing so makes a mockery of college athletics . . . for those that now become the victors, there is no reliving that moment, for those that now become the losers, there’s no taking away of that moment when the clock strikes zero at the end of that season.
  • I’m not a fan of guns, but I support responsible people’s right to own them.  But I’m not real supporter of semi-automatic guns.
  • It was a bit interesting that Mayor Bloomberg was critical of the presidential candidates for not being quick to comment gun control and Gov Christie was saying how it’s too soon to have such a political discussion . . . and both are Republicans.  Well, Bloomberg isn’t really sure what he is, but he last ran as an independent candidate on the Republican ballot.
  • I’m not sure who’s more sensitive, pro-life folks or the right to own guns folks.  I think in most cases, they’re the same folks.  Either way, if I bring up those topics, I’m guaranteed to get comments.
  • I heard that a lot of the Denver Broncos visited the shooting victims in the hospital, but Peyton Manning only called.  At first I was a bit disappointed in Manning for only calling, but after speaking to a good friend about this, he probably just didn’t want to draw a crowd of people and take the attention away from the victims.
  • Southwest Airlines is now the official airline sponsor of the University of Texas.  I’m sure having co-founder and former CEO/President/Chairman of the Board’s name attached to the school’s business school didn’t hurt.
  • Herb, one of my business idols, comes in at 9 in CNNMoney’s top 12 entrepreneurs.  Not bad considering Sam Walton was number 11 on their list.  In case you were wondering, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates comes in at one and two on the list.
  • I’m surprised my gay supportive readers didn’t respond to what I thought was some harsh observations left in a comment yesterday.
  • This video is a bit long, but some Japanese engineers created a trashcan in which when you throw an object near it, it will move so the item lands in it.
  • How strange and interesting that the Yankees were in Seattle to play the Mariners, and that the Yankees traded for Ichiro.  I heard that was an interesting press conference with first the Mariners and Irchiro, and then basically a line change . . . Irchiro with the Yankees . . . he didn’t even had to change seats.
  • Former Texas Tech and current New England Patriot Wes Welker got a hair transplant and is now endorsing the company.
  • An Air Force pilot landed a very large plane at the wrong air port that had a small runway.
  • That’s one heck of an explosion
  • Why bird poop is white
  • Vehicles with the Lowest Total Ownership Costs Over 5 Years
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    Somebody's flying career is over!

    The NCAA vacated the Paterno wins, not forfeited. Nothing changes for the other team.

  2. kim says:

    Many semi automatic weapons aren't much faster than manually cycled weapons. It's the generally the larger/easily loadable magazines available for semi autos that's different.

    I am LOL at the vehicle cost of ownership link. Audi and Jeep immediately negate the entire list, even though it appears the Jeep only competed against the FJ, that still can't be right.

  3. The Donald says:

    Bloomberg is not really a Republican.

    Would love to see zero tell Herb he didn't build that company. Herb, obviously, is gracious enough to credit the employees.

    Don't know what it is about health food stores – back in 'early marriage days', wife and I stopped at a grocery store in Santa Fe to get some sodas – didn't know it was a HFS – we managed to find some unknown brand beverages to put in the cooler – after we were outside, she told me one of the employee dudes was checking me out. Yuck!

    I doubt I'm representative of your readership, but for me, 2A is the litmus test issue, PL – not as much. FWIW…

  4. kim says:

    2nd amendment, pro-life

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