Bag of Randomness

  • Tomorrow is WifeGeeding’s birthday, but she got her present on Saturday, a new family vehicle, a GMC Acadia.  It’s not brand new, but new to us.
  • Everytime I purchased or was given a vehicle, it has rained.  That streak held true again.  So that’s happened for two Grand Ams, an Accord, 4Runner, Altima, Benz, and Acadia.
  • I really wanted to buy a brand new vehicle, or even something with very low mileage, but it’s hard to justify such a purchase when I work from home and my wife is a full-time mom.  Heck, our longest commute is to church and that’s only a seven mile journey.
  • This may have been our least stressful car buying experience, at it was at Durant Toyota in Hudson Oaks, right outside of Weatherford.  I remember as a kid riding to Fort Worth with my parents and always passing that massive auto dealership, but I never thought I would actually buy something from there.
  • There was never a doubt I was going to finance through USAA, I’m just too loyal to them.
  • WifeGeeding was visiting her parents in East Texas this weekend, so I ventured out to check out the car myself, which is a good 45-minute drive.  But since we weren’t trading  in a vehicle and she still needed to see it for herself, I had to drive back to Lewisville until she got home.  After the kids got a brief nap, it was back driving west again.
  • As a small gift to my wife, I let her drive home alone without the kids.
  • One thing I always request when buying a car is a full tank of gas, otherwise no deal is going to happen.
  • I wasn’t aware there was such a thing as “teavangelicals”, but some won’t vote for Romney because he’s Mormon.
  • It looks pretty much certain that U2 will have a new album in 2013.
  • Saw my first Peyton Manning commercial in a real long time, this one was for Buick.
  • President Obama in a Heisman pose holding Earl Campbell’s Heisman.
  • Now this is how in install a TV in the bedroom.
  • British Farmer Creates Heart-Shaped Meadow as Tribute to Late Wife
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  1. RPM says:

    Nice ride! I've always liked the Arcadia. At least it didn't breakdown on the drive home from the car lot like my F350 did. It only took $5K to fix it. So much for the great deal I got. Before you Google, let me save you the time. There is no lemon law on used cars in Texas. Caveat emptor.

    I wonder if Earl is able to walk anymore. He was limited to just a few baby steps and barely standing unassisted the last time I saw him.

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