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Now That’s a Texas Groom’s Cake

WHATALOVE Don’t worry, Andy, I still think you had the best groom’s cake of all time.

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Shark Takes Camera

A valuable lesson about leaving cameras unattended with large sharks in the area. The good news is that eventually, Shark Expert Jim Abernethy did get his camera back! 

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Black Couple’s Wedding Rejected at Predominantly White Southern Baptist Church

Article from Clarionledger.com

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Fewer Americans now trust religious institutions

Though more Americans go to church or believe in God than their counterparts in virtually every other Western country, fewer Americans now trust religious institutions. A recent Gallup poll  showed that just 44 percent of Americans have a great deal … Continue reading

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Little dog goes swinging

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Bag of Randomness

I wasn’t sure what to think of the Opening Ceremonies.  I wasn’t a big fan of watching the transformation going from one ere to another, seeing men in top hats do something like the Macarena, and even though McCartney played … Continue reading

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