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Texas Rep. Gohmert on Aurora shooting: We’ve told God ‘we don’t want him around’

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Lenovo CEO Gives His $3 Million USD Bonus to 10,000 Employees

It will come as no surprise to anyone who follows the technology world that CEOs at major corporations make a ton of money. Often their bonuses are even more than their yearly income. The CEO of Lenovo, Yang Yuanqing, recently … Continue reading

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5 Guys One Piano

Sure it’s One Direction they are playing, but this is still impressive.

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Bikinis, Texas 78624

The sleepy Hill Country town of Bankersmith will soon be bursting at… well, at something, if Doug Guller has his way. Guller, the owner of the Austin-based “breastaurant” chain Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill, just bought the central Texas hamlet, … Continue reading

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Woman feeds an injured dragonfly ants with tweezers

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The History of Trivia (the Trivia Behind Trivia)

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Teach Me How To Brushy

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Bag of Randomness

If I ever had to take a mug shot, I would seriously have to contemplate to smile or not.  I guess it would depend what I’m in for. Cute picture of a child in a rope line being held up by his … Continue reading

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