Bed Makes Itself in 50 Seconds

Spanish furniture maker OHEA introduces the world’s first automated bed that makes itself. Saving sleepers from the mundane task of making their beds every morning, the smart bed is equipped with a device that enables it to automatically straighten the bedding. In a mere 50 seconds, this bed from the future activates its mechanical arm with two rollers which pulls the duvet up to the head of the bed. At the same time, the pillows are straightened by cords attached to the pillowcases after which the panels rotate elevating the pillows.

Once the upper coverlet has been stretched to the head of the bed, the pillows fall back onto it. Best of all, the bed contains a safety feature that will prevent the mechanism from activating when the person is still in bed.

via PSFK

Just skip ahead to the 50-second mark.

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  1. dan says:

    Its cool that if you get up in the middle of the night, the bed will be completely made by the time you get back.

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