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No Thanks to her Texas Congressman, D-Day Widow Finds Her Husband’s Remains

It’s amazing how this French town still honors this man . . .

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Christian Actor Caught Trying to Cheat by a Model That Live Tweets His Advances

Tip for modern adulterers: If you’re planning to cheat on your wife of 10 years by awkwardly hitting on the model seated next to you on your flight out of Los Angeles, make sure she isn’t live-tweeting the entire miserable … Continue reading

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Hulk’s Smashing Special Effects: The Avengers

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When I can’t sneeze, I look at the sun or a bright light

That’s why this article caught my attention: Does the sun make you sneeze? It’s not just you Sometimes, a funny thing happens when Dr. Roberta Pagon looks directly into the sun. She sneezes. Not just once though, but usually three … Continue reading

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High School Girl Runner Carries Her Collapsed Competitor Across the Finish Line

She just won state and then helped her competitor finish. You go, girl.

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A flat screen phone that creates physical buttons

Tactus Technology Introduction from Tactus Technology Inc. on Vimeo.

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