What speed do you read?

I always considered myself a slow reader, but here’s my results:

One of my more painful memories from reading came in the second grade.  For homework, we had to go home and read a story.  My mother had this rule that as soon as I came home, I had to do my homework right away before playing or watching TV and she would sit at the table with me until I was finished.  I remember reading her the story, but the next day at school when Mrs. Blondell asked me questions about the story, I couldn’t answer any of her questions.  She then scolded me for not reading the story, to which I told her I indeed did read the story, to which she accused me of lying and forced me to leave the classroom and the story in the hallway.  Looking back at it, it turns out I was performing the exercise of reading but my mind was elsewhere, a very bad habit I still have today.  I never told Mom because I didn’t want her to think I got in trouble, but if felt rough knowing that I didn’t lie and was accused of doing so by an adult I trusted.

Oh, if you want to take the test yourself, here you go:

ereader test
Source: Staples eReader Department

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  1. Susanne says:

    I truly am a slow reader; I clocked in at 231 words per minute – a third of your speed, Keith.

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