Teen finds an actual finger in an Arby’s sandwhich

JACKSON, MI — When her son exclaimed he found a piece of a finger in his Arby’s junior roast beef sandwich last week, Jamie Vail thought the 14-year-old was goofing around.

He wasn’t.

In his last bites, Ryan Hart said he tasted something like rubber. It was tough to chew, and he said he spit the piece of flesh from his mouth.

“I was like, ‘that gots to be a finger,’” he said Wednesday evening from his Blackman Township home.

“I was about to puke… It was just nasty.”

The piece appeared to be the back of a finger, including the pad and extending beyond the first knuckle, said Vail and her friend, Joe Wheaton, who accompanied Vail and Ryan on Friday to Arby’s on N. West Avenue. Vail and Wheaton estimated the portion was about an eighth to a quarter inch thick and maybe an inch or more long.

An employee had cut her finger on a meat slicer in the restaurant at 952 N. West Ave., Jackson police and the Jackson County Health Department reported.

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Insert finger food joke here __________.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I had a friend in college that was working in an Arby’s and one day they actually ran out of roast beef.  He said it was rather awkward working the drive-thru that day having to listen to complaints that should have been directed at the management and their supply ordering.

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