Sermon Series: I Think Sex Is

It’s our goal to create a space for you to express what comes to your mind first, when asked the question: What do you think of, when I say “SEX?” Keep it real. Keep it honest. Keep it clean enough for my teenage daughter to read without needing counseling. There is no right or wrong answer, but simply our own experiences to guide us in answering the question. Once you submit your thought, our administrator will add it to the site for rotation! It’s that easy. Then, stick around for a few minutes and take a look at other peoples personal experiences in the topic of “SEX.”

Consider what people say sex is, what you think it’s supposed to be, and what can be done to make sex the gift it was created to be. If you would like to explore the topic more, we would love for you to join us at ACF Church in Eagle River, AK on May 27th for our series, “I think sex is____.”

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