Bag of Randomness

  • I recently watched a fascinating special of the sinking of the Bismarck.  What I didn’t know, that after its sinking, per maritime tradition, the British started to rescue those whose ship they just sunk.  (Man, that’s a lot of commas in that last sentence.)  I would have thought the brutality of war would have meant leaving them at sea or killing them.
  • Those WWII battleships with the big cannons have always fascinated me.  There’s something about those big majestic looking guns.  Maybe I just really fell for them because I watched a lot of Starblazers as a kid and always drew pictures of the Yamato.
  • For you fellow Mad Men fans, the cast will be on Inside the Actors Studio on May 14.
  • Speaking of Mad Men, here are a few thoughts from the latest episode:
    • I made reference a few times that I think there are signs that Pete Campbell will kill himself.  In the last episode on the train, he goes out of his way to say that his work provides life insurance and after two years covers suicide.  But this show is too good at doing anything obvious, so my guess is that Peter gets kills and it looks like a suicide, perhaps by a jealous husband.
    • I wonder how many times Beth has pulled that “I locked my keys in the car” scenario.
    • There has to be some sort of symbolism of Don looking down that empty elevator shaft I’m not picking up, but maybe it’s some sort of homage to LA Law.
  • Pizza Cupcakes
  • There’s a cool initiative in London to encourage people to run home from the office, and they even do things to help you get your items home.
  • Two older woman who participated at the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders auditions.
  • LOST may not be over
  • A great story on how a 61-year-old farmer won a 544 mile endurance race 
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  1. Pete says:

    Lost? I'd love to see 'The last days of the Darma Initiative'. I'd love to see the slow descent into evil that they had after the incident.

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