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Religious websites riskier than porn for online viruses: study

SAN FRANCISCO — Web wanderers are more likely to get a computer virus by visiting a religious website than by peering at porn, according to a study released on Tuesday. “Drive-by attacks” in which hackers booby-trap legitimate websites with malicious … Continue reading

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Being ‘Born-Again’ Linked to More Brain Atrophy

Older adults who say they’ve had a life-changing religious experience are more likely to have a greater decrease in size of the hippocampus, the part of the brain critical to learning and memory, new research finds. According to the study, … Continue reading

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Lioness Thinks Kid is a Zebra?

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History of Whistling

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Toastabags: A Mess-Proof Way To Make Grilled Cheese In Your Toaster


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One Heck of a Distraction

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Bag of Randomness

With Tyson Chandler winning the NBA Defensive Player of the Year award, does that mean it was silly for the Mavs not to resign him? The problem with digital movies – Avengers showing postponed after projectionist accidentally deletes the entire film Sen … Continue reading

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