Bag of Randomness

  • It was sad to hear of former Dallas Cowboys special teams coach Joe Avezzano’s passing.  He died while working out on a treadmill, and it reminded me of the 1989 death of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback coach Doug Scovil, who died after working out on a stationary bike, he was 62.  I bet both men stayed in relatively good shape, but I wonder what their diets were like.
  • I found an Eagles’ blog that recognized the rivalry, but had nice words to say about the late coach.
  • I had no idea that the bleacher seats (now removed) at The Ballpark and the foul poles were from the old Arlington Stadium.
  • Chicken Express, which started in my hometown, is sponsoring Snow Monkey Night at the Ballpark on July 1.  I might just have to attend.  The snow monkey reference is to a story Nolan Ryan told a local sports station about the time he actually served as a snow monkey ambassador in Texas.  You can listen to Nolan tell the story here.
  • I’m not a beer drinker, but this looks interesting: Frozen beer foam keeps your brew constantly chilled
  • Elvis Presley’s first on-screen kiss was to Dolores Hart, who is now a nun, and is part of a documentary called God is Bigger than Elvis.
  • There’s a new form of birth control that will last for ten years, and it’s for men.  Guys will just have to overcome the injection that goes you know where.
  • A hippo attacks a jeep.  YouTube (one s-bomb)
  • In case you ever wanted to drink vodka that tastes like peanut butter and jelly, here you go.
  • Vince Young is a big fan of towels.
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