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Quill: The Life of a Guide Dog – Official Trailer

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One Step Closer to Robocop

The robot was developed in South Korea and is currently undergoing its first field trial. Equipped with 3D cameras and software designed to study human behavior, the robot is able to detect abnormal prisoner activity and report back to its … Continue reading

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The top 10 dying industries in the United States

1. Photofinishing 2. Newspaper publishing 3. Appliance repair 4. DVD, game, and video rental 5. Money market and other banking 6. Recordable media manufacturing 7. Hardware manufacturing 8. Shoe and footwear manufacturing 9. Costume and team uniform manufacturing 10. Women’s … Continue reading

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Titanic Easter Sermon

It’s part of a series from the Destiny Christian Center.  You can watch the sermon on Vimeo.

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Snake-Eating Spider Spotted Down Under


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In a galaxy even farther away, Tupac is still alive

Language warning

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Bag of Randomness

The Rangers are tearing it up, there’s no telling how long this hot streak will be. No matter what I do, my eyes continually itch and tear up.  Damn you allergies, damn you. Two items I always feel weird buying, … Continue reading

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