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Texas Tech Recruits Get Lost and End Up in East Texas

Texas Tech is one of those programs that feel if the coaches can get a recruit to their West Texas campus, they have a good shot at getting him to commit. Last weekend, they found out just how tough a … Continue reading

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Third grader half court buzzer beater

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Early morning, April 4, Shot rings out in the Memphis sky, Free at last, They took your life, They could not take your pride

The one thing that has always bother me about this song (that I happen to love so much) is that it’s historically inaccurate as the assassination happened early evening, not early morning. I recently discovered this picture of Jackie Kennedy at MLK’s … Continue reading

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How America Buys Digital Music


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Bag of Randomness

loveembrace.tumblr.com That was a heck of a storm that hit our area yesterday, I heard there may have been 6-12 tornadoes that actually touched down, and from what I hear, there wasn’t one fatality. The safest place yesterday was at Cowboys Stadium … Continue reading

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