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Interesting Christian Women’s Conference

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Dog Cleans House

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Vultures feast on human corpse in Texas ‘body farm’ experiment

SAN MARCOS, Texas (AP) — For more than five weeks, a woman’s body lay undisturbed in a secluded Texas field. Then a frenzied flock of vultures descended on the corpse and reduced it to a skeleton within hours. But this … Continue reading

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Cute VW Ad

I would have liked it better if one of the cars didn’t have tires.

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Dating Feedback

WotWentWrong.com is an innovative web dating advice portal that provides a socially acceptable way to: Explore your personal dating and relationship do’s and don’ts. Learn from past experiences. Develop fresh insights and behaviours to ensure your future relationship goals. WotWentWrong … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

A while back my manager left to work for a competitor.  He has been trying to recruit me to this competitor which includes a pay increase and I wouldn’t even have to interview, and I would have to telecommute from … Continue reading

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