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Man’s Best Backscratcher Man’s Best Backscratcher

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Bag of Randomness

I can’t recall the last time I had an entire week off of work.  I think it may have been back in 2008 when WifeGeeding and I drove to Vegas, Disneyland, San Diego, and then back home during her spring … Continue reading

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Virginia State Politics Can Be Comical

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100 Year Old Bride – AARP

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Every Face Punch in Road House

Not even one curse word . . .

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Tougher Dress Code for Teachers

Teachers in the Peoria Unified School District soon may need to spruce up their wardrobes to come to work. The school board is looking to put in place rules governing what teachers and staff wear in the classroom and at … Continue reading

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Slinky On Treadmill

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Ash Wednesday & Lent in Two Minutes

From . . . Traditionally, Lent was a time for personal conversion leading up to Easter, during which Christians practiced the spiritual disciplines of fasting, praying and almsgiving to strip away all that is unnecessary and become more … Continue reading

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Bird Feeds Dog Noodles

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President Obama Singing “Sweet Home Chicago”

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FBC Dallas Pastor Would Hold His Nose for Romney, Franklin Graham Not Sure Obama is a Christian

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Southern Baptist Convention Identity Issue- What’s in a name?

Leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention, the country’s largest Protestant denomination, on Tuesday opted against changing a name that has proved problematic for some churches because of its connection to the South and slavery. Approximately 80 members of the convention’s … Continue reading

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