Bag of Randomness

  • Even I think that picture is funny.
  • I caught the resurrected CBS News show Person to Person last night and I think I’m going to make that regular viewing.  It’s a much classier version of MTV’s Cribs.  Last nights show was an interview in George Clooney’s house, and that is one mighty fine house.  I also learned that Warren Buffett’s father was a four-term Republican congressman.
  • A Buffett quote I recently saw in a restaurant, ” It takes 20 year to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”
  • The best television news reporter I’ve found as of late is Clarissa Ward of CBS News.  She not afraid to be in the middle of danger which is apparent from her stories in the Middle East, appears brave and tough, provides plenty of substance and background information, and appears  fluent in several languages as I’ve heard her interview many people in several languages.  I think she’s right up there with Lara Logan.
  • A saying that has grown on my nerves, “I know, right.”
  • Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were extras for the Fenway Park scenes in Field of Dreams.  Source
  • I’ve complained about how Hollywood has run out of ideas, but I didn’t see a movie in which Nazi’s living on the dark side of the moon and invading Earth in the year 2018 coming.  Here’s the trailer.
  • After eight seasons, House will be wrapping up this season.  I kind of thought it would go a few seasons without Cuddy.
  • Zooey Deschanel in four-inch-heels and standing next to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Bradying is catching on
  • A collection of pictures of kids bored at political rallies.
  • Former local reporter and UNT alum Kim Fisher is now in Salt Lake City, and her profile pic doesn’t do her justice.
  • Troy Aikman is now reading Killing Lincoln.
  • Texas Rangers 2012 Opening Day tickets opportunity
  • Student Loans Could Be America’s Next ‘Debt Bomb,’ Report Finds
  • Bear or Woolly Mammoth?  I say bear.

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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Paul Clifford says:

    4 years of private Christian college + 4.5 years of seminary + careers that haven't paid much = tons of student loan debt that's finally catching up to me. I'm on a payment plan starting the end of this month, but it's more than my mortgage (which is admittedly cheap, but still…). I really hate student loans.

  2. David Bryant says:

    I thought this was a great post on the subject of student loans <a href="http://(” target=”_blank”>( As someone that is involved in the financial counseling ministry at my church I know that many, if not most people that use student loans never consider their long term impact. They just assume that they must get a college degree and sign up for loans because that is what everybody else does. I don't think parents owe their kids a college education, but I do think they owe their kids sound advice on avoiding student loan debt.

  3. Nathan Hart says:

    That hand dryer button is hilarious! A conservative with a great sense of humor… a rare bird! 🙂

  4. Rhonda M says:

    I agree that the student loans can definitely be the next debt crisis on our hands. I went to school too late to earn all the great scholarships that were available at the time of my senior year, because I had landed a full-ride at that time, which ultimately got yanked 2 weeks before I left for school. However, when returning to school & earning my Bachelor's degree Cum Laude, then earning my Master's with very high marks – I have a very high student loan debt. It's more than I make in a year. Fortunately, i was able to consolidate them before this "plan"…however, the problem is this new "plan" doesn't help people that currently have the debt…but only those who are currently deferred because they are in school. No bueno!

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