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Every Presentation Ever: Communication FAIL

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An Actual Birth in a Car on the way to the Hospital

With the steering wheel in one hand, and a video camera in the other, dad Zachary Russell kept driving as his wife Jennifer gave birth. The couple was racing down Highway 287 in Texas towards a birthing center when Jennifer … Continue reading

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Meet Mr. Toilet

For those without access to a simple toilet, poop can be poison. Businessman-turned-sanitation-superhero Jack Sim fights this oft-neglected crisis affecting 2.6 billion people… It’s amazing how we take modern plumbing for granted and how something as normal as eliminated our … Continue reading

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Digital Pop-Up Book

Between Page and Screen contains no text, only stark black-and-white geometric shapes and a web address leading to this site, where the reader follows instructions to display the book on his or her webcam. Our software detects the square markers … Continue reading

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Snoring Dormouse

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Bag of Randomness

This probably deserves its own post, but I think of the modern era, no president has been as disrespected as President Obama in terms of how he is treated by other politicians.  I know presidents of both parties have taken … Continue reading

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