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Man Marries Dead Girlfriend In Joint Funeral And Wedding Ceremony

A man recently married his deceased girlfriend in a combination funeral and wedding ceremony. Chadil Deffy, also known as Deff Yingyuen, placed a ring on the finger of Sarinya “Anne” Kamsook, his girlfriend of 10 years, during the ceremony in … Continue reading

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School District Rejects Cougar Mascot, Says It’s Offensive to Women

Amid some controversy, Draper’s new high school has a mascot and school colors. Future students within Corner Canyon High School’s boundaries were mailed ballots and selected navy, silver and white for their school colors. The Charger was selected as the … Continue reading

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What the Stop SOPA blackout managed to accomplish in 24 hours


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For those that love dogs and Star Wars

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One Joy of Fatherhood

Is introducing new sounds to your child . . .

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New Snake Species Found

It’s a viper, actually, a horned viper. National Geographic

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Refractions via Maianer

A Picture behind a falling drop. This is the essence of such shots. Looks very simple. But to set the Focus on the Right point and find a good lighting is not as easy as it looks ! You can … Continue reading

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if i die – Facebook App – Your Message After You Die

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Bag of Randomness

I didn’t know that Mark Wahlberg was originally booked on one of the 9/11 flights, but I think all the action hero roles he’s been playing may have got to his head because when he was asked about it, he … Continue reading

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