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Southlake Church Takes Christmas Display to the Extreme

And it only costs $100,000 a week to do, but at least it was donated.

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A cute dog bath to take you into the weekend

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Top 15 “Unseen” Characters on TV

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Find His Porn

FindHisPorn.com FindHisPorn Demo from FHP admin on Vimeo.

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Clapping is Distracting

Michelle Bachmann takes questions from some youth who have opposing views from her regarding LGBT rights, and I have to hand it to both parties, they both seem genuinely respectful of one another allowing each to speak and hearing one … Continue reading

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Old ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Interview conducted by KXAS’s Bobbie Wygant

A local and ‘legendary’ reporter got to interview the cast of  ‘Empire’. Harrison Ford compliments Anthony Daniels’ acting, and actually calls him Tony. Wygant asks Billy Dee Williams about being the ‘token black’. The cast talks about the future prequels … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

I saw the First Lady give a preview of a holiday season decorated White House and I don’t know if it was what she was wearing or what, but she looked absolutely beautiful. I think the White House hit a … Continue reading

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