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Big Spiders Invade San Antonio

The lady at the end reminds me of that actress that was in “V” and the wife of Brody in “Homeland”.

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Why Leon Lett Isn’t To Blame

Johnson, then the Cowboys’ coach, starts with entering Dallas Stadium that morning. Temperatures were dropping, frozen rain falling. Snow was coming, too. Joe Avezzano, the Cowboys’ special-teams coach, had an idea. “Hey, with it snowing, and the footing being so … Continue reading

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New Zealand Helicopter Crashes While Installing Christmas Decorations

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Microwave Plays YouTube Videos the Length of Time Your Food is Cooking

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Fox News viewers less informed about current events, poll shows

A new survey of New Jersey voters comes to a provocative conclusion: Fox News viewers tend to be less informed about current events than those who don’t watch any news at all. Fairleigh Dickinson University recently questioned 612 adults in … Continue reading

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Perhaps My Favorite Black Friday Commercial

It’s definitely a lot better than that psycho blond lady they have been using the past two years.

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