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Saved by the Bell Interactive Game

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie defends his appointment of Muslim-American to the State Bench

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How Much Spending Was Cut With The New Debt Bill

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer had an interesting chart on last night’s broadcast about the national debt. Here’s what was projected before the ‘compromise.’ And here are the projected savings after the ‘compromise.’  The black shows how much is … Continue reading

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Presidential Aging

CNN had an article on how much presidents age while in office.  Well, of course everyone ages at the same rate, but their point is how much they show the effects of aging while in office. Of all the pictures, … Continue reading

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Child KKK Member Touching the Shield of a Black State Trooper

Powerful image me thinks.

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Pregnant Student Goes Into Labor During Bar Exam, Finishes and Passes Exam

Think you had a harrowing time taking the bar exam? It probably can’t compare to Elana Nightingale Dawson’s experience. The 2011 Northwestern University Law School graduate sat for the Illinois bar in Chicago on July 27, and less than two … Continue reading

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For the Dog That Always Needs a Lap

Buy one here.

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