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Bono And The Edge With David Letterman – Stuck In A Moment

There’s a bit of a story about the song writing process and the background of the song itself. I’ve always loved this song, and love how intimate these two performed it last night.

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Struck by Lightning

Ryan stands beside a pole during a storm hoping to get struck by lightning and survive. He did survive, with minor injuries and wet pants (from the rain, not from peeing. He had full control of his bladder 100% of … Continue reading

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Flower Mound House For $16

Kenneth Robinson lives on Waterford Drive in Flower Mound, Texas, but he doesn’t own or rent the home he claims he has a right to live in. The home was in foreclosure, and the owner abandoned the property. That’s when … Continue reading

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An Act of Grace

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The Ultimate Coach Taylor Pep Talk

Last Friday, loyal Panther-turned-Lion fans said a (most likely) final goodbye to Coach, Tami, Riggins, Gracie “Alien” Bell, and the rest of the beloved Friday Night Lights crew. With one last huddle and a “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts,” Coach Taylor … Continue reading

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Tempting Picture of the Day

History made as nipple is found on foot http://www.thesun.co.uk/

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The Final Image

Here’s a great idea for a blog.  FinalImageBlog I’m Monte. This film blog is a collection of screenshots of the final thought, le mise-en-scene finale, or the final shot of films I’ve seen; sometimes able to genuinely surprise with what … Continue reading

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Public Urinals for Women

Details @ www.dezeen.com

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