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Taxes are low and corporate profits are high, but nothing is trickling down to the American worker

The theory of supply-side economics tells us that if you cut taxes on rich people and corporations, the newly liberated moguls and businessmen will take their windfall and invest it, creating jobs and accelerating the rate of economic growth. The … Continue reading

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Strike up the band! House votes to restore money

WASHINGTON — So much for the refrain about cutting spending. Lawmakers changed their tune on the military band budget. By voice vote Wednesday, the Republican-controlled House restored $120 million for the armed services’ 100-plus military bands — money that budget-conscious … Continue reading

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Typing Beats Scribbling: Indiana Schools Can Stop Teaching Cursive

Who still writes in cursive? That age-old writing method you might never have used since fourth grade will no longer be taught in Indiana schools come fall, thanks to a memo from school officials. Instead, students will be expected to … Continue reading

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Easily Confused

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Congratulations Brent!

My friend Brent is someone I hold in high regard and I consider him a man among men.  He’s a man full of integrity, extends grace around every corner, and the ultimate gentleman.  Yesterday he popped the question to Heather … Continue reading

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Corgi Escape

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Bird Scares Tiger

Just ignore all the text in the video and wait towards the end.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About the Aurora Borealis

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I miss this show, and I really like this song

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