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Fun With Maps: Seven Peculiar U.S. Borders

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Augmented Reality Cinema

Augmented Reality Cinema is a conceptual app that automagically recognizes the location of the user and then plays a scene from a movie that took place in that exact same location. Augmented Reality Cinema, app coming soon, for more information … Continue reading

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Man’s heart attack interrupts heart disease class

A Maine cardiologist giving a lecture on coronary heart disease, along with a team of nurses, saved the life of a member of the audience when the man had a heart attack right in the middle of the class, the … Continue reading

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Thanks to Art, I have an answer to my parachute question

At 0:54 he gives a thumbs up. Upon release at 1:36 he immediately moves his free arm out to control his descent, as trained. He keeps his hands cupped and still at the beginning because he is using airflow to … Continue reading

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Manual Photography Cheat Sheet

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Texas Pride

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Light a Virtual Prayer Candle at St Patrick’s

Link ($5 donation suggested)

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