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Great Move, Toyota

The Toyota Tundra plant in San Antonio, TX has been hit by parts shortages as a result of the March 11 earthquake. The plant will be shut down on Mondays and Fridays, and production will be at only 50 percent … Continue reading

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Leg-reversal surgery keeps boy in the game

Dugan Smith loves playing sports – baseball, basketball, football, you name it. So when the 13-year-old lost part of one leg to bone cancer, he was faced with the prospect of being sidelined as a spectator for the rest of … Continue reading

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Man dies jumping off world’s tallest building

A 30-year-old Indian died falling off Burj Khalifa today afternoon in an apparent suicide, Dubai Police have confirmed. According to the eyewitnesses, the man jumped from the 147th floor of the building and fell on the 102nd floor, dying after … Continue reading

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America’s Most Isolated Federal Prisoner Describes 10,220 Days in Extreme Solitary Confinement

Thomas Silverstein, who has been described as America’s “most isolated man,” has been held in an extreme form of solitary confinement under a “no human contact” order for 28 years. Originally imprisoned for armed robbery at the age of 19, … Continue reading

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Lawn sign advances feud between mosque, neighbor

A feud between two Transit Road neighbors — a homeowner and a mosque — turned ugly this weekend when the homeowner staked a sign on his front lawn insinuating that the new 11,600-square-foot Islamic worship site is home to a … Continue reading

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Cheerleader must compensate school that told her to cheer ‘rapist’

A teenage girl who was dropped from her high school’s cheerleading squad after refusing to chant the name of a basketball player who had sexually assaulted her must pay compensation of $45,000 (£27,300) after losing a legal challenge against the … Continue reading

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God Loves You Mugshot

  Meet Robert Norton Kennedy. The South Carolina man, 51, was arrested Saturday morning for assault and battery. He is being held in the Horry County jail on lieu of $5000 bail. According to the suspect’s forehead, which quotes Matthew … Continue reading

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Pastor Confesses He Was Never a Navy SEAL

After deceiving his parishioners for five years, and the rest of the world for one day, the Rev. Jim Moats’ recently revealed that he was never a Navy SEAL. Immediately after the death of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden on … Continue reading

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Popcorn Popping – The Chinese Way

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Breaking Bin Laden: visualizing the power of a single tweet

A full hour before the formal announcement of Bin-Laden’s death, Keith Urbahn posted his speculation on the emergency presidential address. Little did he know that this Tweet would trigger an avalanche of reactions, Retweets and conversations that would beat mainstream … Continue reading

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Why do we hate seeing big kids in strollers?

Here’s an article about a blog dedicated to kids that are too big for strollers: toobigforstroller.com

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Bag of Randomness

  Trump sure has been quiet as of late. I’m waiting for Bristol Palin to go rouge. Steve Jobs was employee number 40 at Atari What It’s Like When Steve Jobs Chews You Out For A Product Failure The median … Continue reading

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