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If I was a 10-year-old with $8500 I’d spend it on something else

William “Refrigerator” Perry received an unexpected surprise last week: His Super Bowl XX ring came back to him. Ten-year-old Cliff Forest, a Chicago sports fan, bought the ring a sports memorabilia store in New York City for $8,500. After reading … Continue reading

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Bacon fat clogs Bedford sewage pipes

No, not Bedford, TX. This one is in Canada. Halifax Water is warning residents to be careful about what they pour down the kitchen sink after an accumulation of bacon fat clogged sewage pipes in the Ridgevale Drive subdivision in … Continue reading

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Could this be the first portrait of Jesus?

After 2,000 years buried within a cave in the Holy Land, the features are barely distinct as that of a human face. But Bible historians are trying to determine whether this is the first ever portrait of Jesus Christ. They … Continue reading

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Orphan Bear Cubs Play With Tiger Cub

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Very, very close call

The suspense itself will kill ya . . . via LiberallyLean

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Heroic Puppy Rescue

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Bird Picks on Cat

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Bag of Randomness

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”- Wayne Gretzky “We missed 81.2% of the shots we did take” – Butler University What caught my attention more than anything during yesterday’s broadcast of the men’s title game was the … Continue reading

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