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The President’s Speech

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White Male Scholarship

Finally—help is on the way for America’s downtrodden white males, especially the ones who believe they’ve been shut out of all that financial aid that is apparently being ladled like gravy on non-Caucasian college kids. “It’s about time,” intones Texas … Continue reading

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Hero No Longer Welcome At Church?

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When income grows, who gains?

Use this interactive chart to change the pie chart.

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Judge gives custody of son to homeless dad

A Brooklyn judge ordered a teen to live with his homeless dad — in a shelter — after the boy’s mom, a $90,000-a-year court worker, was critical of the legal process, court papers reveal. Jeannette Traylor was even denied visitation … Continue reading

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Most Conservative and Liberal States

Interesting that Texas isn’t listed in the top ten of the most conservative states, that’s a real shocker to me. Source

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Christian medical plans get pass from health law

WASHINGTON – The brain tumor came back. An ugly mass growing in plain view threatened Karen Niles’ remaining eye. She needed more surgery. This time, however, her medical plan wouldn’t pay. It sounds like one of those insurance “horror stories” … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

Jane Russell died yesterday.  I thought I’d pay homage to her by posting a picture of her back in here hay day. Thank you, thank you,  I’ll be here all week. Last week was just brutal to me, I almost … Continue reading

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