Bag of Randomness

  • We attended Christmas Eve services and tried to keep BabyGeeding with us until she got a bit cranky so I took her to the nursery only to find the nursery worker a bit overwhelmed, so I spent the entire time with infants and toddlers and couldn’t have been happier.
  • As I was helping out in the nursery a group of Indians entered wanting to know more about the church and wanted to experience a Christmas Eve service for the first time just to experience the culture.  The entered at a time in which the first service was halfway complete so I spent time just getting to know them before the second service started.
  • My sister who live in NYC was complaining that it wasn’t snowing on Christmas.  I have a feeling she’s about to start complaining about all the snow.
  • The Cowboys are going to finish with the dreaded 5-11 record which is going to remind me of the Dave Campo era.
  • I really didn’t think Sam Bradford would be much of an NFL quarterback but he’s proven me wrong.
  • I’m surprised NFL stadiums that are exposed to the snow don’t tarp the stands like they do the fields – that way it would make removing the snow from the stands quite easy.
  • I read that the First Lady helped take phone calls to NORAD in reference to tracking Santa – that’s pretty cool.
  • Oh Bacon Tree O Bacon Tree . . .
  • Panasonic has a commercial that’s been airing for a while that really gets on my nerves.  It’s the one were a bunch of people are wear a bunch of florescent colored shorts moving in unison and then the shot pans out to an HDTV.
  • The latest Burger King commercial is also creepy and annoying.
  • Nothing unusual about clay pigeon shooting unless it’s done by golf club and golf ball – feel free to fast forward to the end.
  • I guess Google Chrome is pretty fast – YouTube
  • Gov Good Hair is the Dallas Morning News‘s Texan of the Year.  If it wasn’t for the hair, there is absolutely no way he would have won the honor.
  • I forgot to give WifeGeeding a present and had to present it to her the day after Christmas.  I felt like an idiot.
  • Back in the 80’s, maybe even in the 80’s, NFL Films use to create games where teams from different eras played against each other and they used a fake Howard Cosell.  I liked that old gimmick.
  • Impressive road safety video done with special effects which was a student project – Vimeo
  • Traumatic tales of childhood: When your birthday falls on Christmas Day
  • So true
  • Grace
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. jonathan says:

    Isn't the nursery great?

  2. dan says:

    I read in today's DMN Jerry was blistering mad over the Cowboy-Cardinal loss. I wondered how he felt after three 5-11 seasons in a row…he fired Dave Campo…and yet…Campo is still on the staff and being paid by Jerry…Dave is an assistant for the Defense…the worst in Cowboy history.

    I wasn't here to read the Texan of the Year DMN issue and justification for Gov. Perry. But I don't think he has created a positive image for Texas with all of his blustering about independence and turning away federal money. Texas receives an important share of the federal largess.

    My birthday is on Christmas. My entire family and extended family were always there for Christmas and in a great mood. Everyone remembered it; I don't ever remember being shorted. We celebrated Christmas on the Eve and my birthday on the Day.

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