Bag of Randomness

  • About three, maybe four years ago, I developed a friendship with a Philly sports fan.  He came up with the idea of starting a friendly bet that when the Cowboys and Eagles play their first matchup of the season, the loser has to post a pic of the winner’s choosing on his blog.  Somehow the Cowboys have one that first match since this bet started, but finally they lost and now I’m paying up.  I thought the Cliff Lee picture was a nice touch, albeit a bit of salt to the wound. 😉
  • It’s interesting how both Lou Gehrig and Brett Favre’s streaks both end in Detroit.
  • I was surprised that the folks at Ford Field went as far as painting the Viking’s logo on midfield and the end zones.
  • NBC got some heat for not using the flex-schedule to move the Eagles/Cowboys game out of prime time since the Cowboys are not a playoff contending team.  Turns out NBC knew what it was doing because it set a rating record.
  • I think the Jets did the only thing they could do regarding their “tripping coach” by suspending him the rest of the season.
  • While leaving a restaurant with both WifeGeeding and BabyGeeding over the weekend a stranger wished us a happy first Christmas.  I thought that was awfully nice, but informed him we were Jewish.
  • That story is true except for that Jewish part.
  • The thought just occurred to me that an NFL that I despise might just win a Super Bowl on my home turf.  Grrrr.
  • The folks in the area are just thankful that Cliff Lee didn’t sign with the Yankees.
  • A pastor friend of mine was playfully suggesting (at least I thought he was playfully suggesting) that Holiday Inn should change their name to Christmas Inn.
  • I’m thinking an average salary for a local veteran television reporter is about $129,000.  That was the amount Rebecca Aguilar was making before she was canned by Fox4.  Link
  • Mario in the lava burn ward
  • Chernobyl tours?
  • Inside the World’s Smallest Solar-Powered Movie Theater
  • More Protestant churches feel economic pain
  • When I saw this picture of Robert DeNiro I thought it was Jon Hamm.
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Kevin McGuire says:

    Ha ha, always in good fun I hope Keith. I'm just as floored by the news that my Phillies signed Cliff Lee as any Rangers fan probably is. Who needs to buy souvenirs while I'm down here when this stuff happens?

  2. jonathancliff says:

    Cliff Lee is my LeBron…

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