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Seeing Where the Microwaves Are in a Microwave Oven

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Barbara Billingsley on speaking “jive” in “Airplane!”

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Anatomy of a stoning

This method of execution is still practiced in certain countries, notably Iran, where it is used to punish adulterers and other criminals. The graphic below looks at how a stoning occurs. I wasn’t aware that a men and women … Continue reading

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Buckwheat’s Greatest Hits

An oldie but a goodie . . .

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I’ve finally found the Christmas tree I’ve been looking for

And it’s at Costco, maybe I’ll buy them in bulk.

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This guy really likes his Hot Wheels

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How To Leave Work Early and Arrive Late

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What do adults want for the holidays?


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Bag of Randomness

It’s funny how Texas teams get placed in an eastern conference when we are considered to be part of the old west.  The Cowboys play in the NFC East and now TCU will be part of the Big East. I’m … Continue reading

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Jesus Potter, Harry Christ

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Ants mimic liquids

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The War on Christmas may be in its final days

This season, merry Christmas — not happy holidays or season’s greetings — will dominate retailer’s marketing messages. There will be Christmas sales and Christmas trees and Christmas carols galore. That has the American Family Association, arguably one of the loudest … Continue reading

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