Thanks For Paying Taxes. Here’s A Receipt

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3 Responses to Thanks For Paying Taxes. Here’s A Receipt

  1. dan says:

    When you total all of the various military components it's a really hefty chunk of tax dollars;
    makes me wonder if "Combat Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan" will ever be eliminated. None of our Developed-Country competitors have this enormous expenditure in their federal budgets

  2. Dottie says:

    Wow dan, of all the things there you "pick out" Combat Operations? How sad for America to see that…………

  3. dan says:

    Combat Operations is the largest item on the list we can control. Congress is not going to cut Social Security and Medicare; I want to see someone successfully run for office on that platform. U.S. military spending exceeds that of all other countries combined. For decades, every developed country in the world, including Great Britain, has greatly slashed its military. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan alone cost us a trillion dollars, much of it borrowed. The fourth largest item on the list is Interest on National Debt. I have two beefs. First, I don’t see why the American taxpayer has to pay for a military umbrella for our allies just because their taxpayers have opted out of financing armies in order to pay for national retirement and healthcare programs. Either they get off American welfare or they pay us for the military protection we provide them. Second, I volunteered for military service during the Vietnam War and was sent to Southeast Asia three times. I support our troops, but I don’t support sending them to Iraq and Afghanistan for four, five and six tours. That’s the kind of support our troops don’t need. Don't mean to argue, Dotttie, just my opinion

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