Bag of Randomness

  • I saw Abilene High playing on one of the ESPN channels last night.  A Florida school came to Abilene for the game, and I’m not exactly sure how I feel about different state teams playing each other, especially if they are half a country away.
  • I watched The Apprentice last night and I can almost swear that Gene actually came to my front door one time representing Edwards Jones and wanting to do some retirement planning for me.  At the time I had to tell him I worked for an NASD member firm, and he politely understood that I was prohibited from doing business.
  • I would love to see what the electricity bill is for places like Cowboys Stadium or Six Flags, it’s always been a fascination.
  • I think WifeGeeding is going to have me doing a lot of cleaning and organizing this weekend.  That’s fine, as long as I get to sleep in on Saturday.
  • I mentioned that I have a new coworker that came from MTV.  Now I found out he’s gonna be sharing a cube with me and I’m gonna be doing some training.
  • Crazy story about how a woman threw acid on her own face
  • Astronauts’ fingernails are falling off
  • Made me think of the Jack in the Box mini-sirloin burgers commercial
  • For anyone that streams movies on Netflix
  • Plastic surgery bridal competition
  • ‘The Amazing Adventures of Little Batman’
  • Grace
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Don says:

    That bridal competition reality show makes me want to cry for the human race.

  2. dan says:

    I'm surprised cities agree to pay for the travel of their students to play an unimportant out-of-district, out-of-state game. But then again taxpayers in the city of Allen are willing to raise $60 million to build a high school football stadium and even added $1 million just to build a weight room. Where's the Tea Party when you need them?

    Michael Collins, who flew on Apollo 11, writes about the construction of the astronaut's space suits. Each suit is custom designed and has many small pieces jig-sawed together for maximum flexibility, especially in the shoulder area. He notes that the Apollo suits were constructed by "little old ladies with glue pots" at a facility in near Boston. Collins always worried if these ladies were to be distracted, talking about Bingo night at the church last week, and make a single error with their glue pots and brushes, resulting in instant death to an astronaut during a space walk

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