America’s Christian Talent

America’s Christian Talent is a unique national talent search and contest to discover our most gifted faith-based entertainers, from ages 8 to 80!

ACT’s ground-breaking contest does away with “celebrity judges” in favor of a unique, real time ranking and voting system from our audience.

That’s right, from start to finish, AMERICA holds the votes and determines who will be crowned ACT’s Grand Prize Winner! Our Season One Grand Prize Winner will receive a $2500 Cash Prize and an exclusive Management Contract with CTAmusic! Thank you for your participation in our exciting first season!

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2 Responses to America’s Christian Talent

  1. thefamilyhart says:

    "The problem is lack of faith. Ark culture (i.e. Christian subculture) is a bad Xerox of the mainstream, not a truly distinctive or separate achievement. Without the courage to lead, it numbly follows, picking up the major media's scraps and gluing them back together with a cross on top.” -GQ magazine September 2002

  2. G.E. Brant says:

    As the producer of America's Christian Talent, I strongly disagree with your statements. We are no "bad Xerox" and in fact we copy no one. This contest is about giving faithful contestants a chance to extol their faith in front of a national audience, and giving America an unadulterated opportunity to judge our contestants without any of the Hollywood trappings of glitz and glamor. G.E. Brant, Founder & Director

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