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Emergency Landing of Delta 4951 Filmed By Passenger

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Time Lapse from Space – Earth

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Top 10 New Foods at the 2010 State Fairs

1. Fried Beer – Texas State Fair 2. Corn Dog Pizza – Minnesota State Fair (shown here) 3. Sweet Potato Dog – San Diego County Fair 4. Deep-Fried Cheesesteak on a Stick – Wisconsin State Fair 5. Chocolate Tornado Potato … Continue reading

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At Reagan’s Presidential Library, the Kids Are in Control

In a corner of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, beyond stately White House portraits and a sizable chunk of the Berlin Wall, Ronald Reagan’s legacy is playing out in an unexpected way. On multimillion dollar sets replicating the … Continue reading

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Rotting Food Time Lapse

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Technology’s Biggest Myths

A few examples of what’s covered: High-priced HDMI cables make your HDTV look better LCDs are better than plasma screens for HDTV sets People with more monitor space are more productive MSNBC

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Tea Party takes over comics page

The newspaper comics page: some find it to be innocuous, even at times irrelevant. But there’s a growing concern among a certain segment of the country that the comics page is out of step with mainstream values, if not an … Continue reading

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I Think I Like A Red Football Field

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Bible Questions Answered While Gutting a Fish

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Bag of Randomness

Yesterday’s Sunday school’s lesson over patience was one of the more beautiful moments I ever had in church. Love is patient.  It’s not always east to give this kind of love to those closest in your life.  However, WifeGeeding does … Continue reading

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