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Boy holding garage sale to buy dad a headstone

KINGSTON, Ont. – A Kingston, Ont., youngster is holding a special garage sale this coming weekend, hoping to raise enough money to buy his father a gravestone. Blake McGinness, 9, lost his father, Rick Lees, to a stomach aneurysm in … Continue reading

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Coca-Cola Happiness Machine

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Who Knew . . . Crocs and Hippos are Friends

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Ole Christian Salomonsen’s Long Exposure Pics of the Aurora

There’s more here on his Flickr photostream

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Never say no to Panda!

Maybe it was the mood I was in, but I haven’t laughed so hard watching something so funny in quite a while.

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Kevin Arnold meets Zach Morris

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Quadriplegic Successfully Swims Across English Channel


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Bag of Randomness

I made a Heads Up Seven Up reference yesterday and the majority of the people I was with had no idea what I was talking about. Looking back on things, I feel pretty gullible thinking the Quiet Game was actually … Continue reading

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