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Little Girl Has A Catchy Dance

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Visual – 100 Most Populated Cities

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20 Classic Movie Farts In 2 Minutes

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Fun With Google Instant – “We Didn’t Start the Fire”

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Painting a flower on water

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Real Life Transformer

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Newt Gingrich Film

America At Risk, hosted by Newt and Callista Gingrich, vividly demonstrates the dangers facing America, one decade after the attacks on 9/11. Today, Washington refuses to tell the truth about the war we are fighting. According to experts, we are … Continue reading

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Student claims nose stud is religious symbol

JOHNSTON COUNTY (WTVD) — A fight over religious freedom is brewing in the Johnston County school system. A student at Clayton High School says she’s practicing her faith by wearing a nose stud. But that goes against school policy and … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

A mountain climber that is really showing off, but I admit, it’s funny. Lots of television last night – Cowboys/Redskins, VMAs, Mad Men, season ending of Entourage . . . Speaking of Cowboys/Redskins, they both employ tight ends that decided … Continue reading

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