Can You Spot the Cat?

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19 Responses to Can You Spot the Cat?

  1. Don says:

    I found it!

  2. Shauna says:


  3. AndreaJN says:

    Still can't find it…

  4. shawnwilson says:

    There is no cat in this picture. However I think I saw Edward from Twilight in it!!

  5. Greg says:

    I found a 3-D sailboat, but wheres the cat????

  6. Derwood says:

    SPOILER… Look at the center of the pic and then slightly to the left.
    Waldo is in the bottom corner.

  7. onceuponadollar says:

    Awesome photo! The cat is identical to my cat who hides like that on me all the time!!! Too cool 🙂

  8. shawnwilson says:

    I still can't find the CAT!! ARG!!

  9. Louise says:

    Finally found the cat!!

  10. Macdemon says:

    GREAT photo, and Waldo is cute too. 🙂

  11. Gina Gilbert says:

    Where is this cat? My eyes are bleeding!!! Please someone tell me!!!

  12. Nicola says:

    Ha ha , soooo easy , when you spot it !!

  13. robin says:

    Right in the absolute dead centre. A cat thats white lower half and ginger top half. Partly hidden behind a tuft of grass

  14. bubby-dolly says:

    I found it! Yey!! It is cute!!

  15. alan thompson says:

    looks like a deer to me!!!

  16. caley says:

  17. kokooburra says:

    where is that CAT

  18. kokooburra says:

    where is that CAT i just cant find it

  19. kokooburra says:

    i see it its easy now this is sooooooooo cool and the cats pretty big

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