Bag of Randomness

  • A few days ago a package arrived in the mail addressed to “GEEDING” and the return address was from a place called INKtastic.  WifeGeeding was visiting her parents along with BabyGeeding for a couple of days and when I brought up the package to her, we just assumed it was some address labels she ordered, but when she came home yesterday we found that not to be the case.  In the package was an absolutely awesome and delightful onsie sent to me from . . . well, that’s an good question.  There’s nothing inside that indicates who sent us this wonderful gift, just the onsie itself, and the return label just states the printing company it came from.  But obviously it came from a reader, so WifeGeeding, BabyGeeding, and I would like to say THANKS! Talk about a great surprise.
  • So who did LeBron choose, Team Edward or Jacob?
  • Michael Keaton’s real name is actually Michael Douglas.
  • The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) peaked in terms of membership in 1965 with 4.25 million members, today they have half as many members.
  • Remember when the cancer-stricken Lockerbie bomber A was freed last August from a Scottish prison because a doctor said he had only about three months to live?  It’s been about a year and he’s still kicking.
  • The NY Times has a cool feature in which when you double click a word, a question mark appears and you can get the definition of that word.  Here are the top 50 words their readers have double clicked.  I have to admit that’s a pretty cool feature, albeit inchoate.
  • YouTube now has a feature that makes it more like a TV, it’s called Leanback.
  • What do you call an earthquake on Mars?
  • Maybe that Iranian woman won’t be stoned afterall.
  • A Chew Chew Train
  • The Forever stamp can be a good investment
  • Grace
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Don says:

    In the same category as that NY Times feature – I have a Firefox add-on installed that allows me to hold down the Alt key and click any word and it will pull up either a dictionary definition or a Wikipedia entry, depending on which it thinks is more applicable. The best part is I don't have to leave the page I'm on, it just opens a tiny tooltip within the current page. You can click on unfamiliar words, names, places, companies, song titles, or pretty much anything else and it will fill you in on what the heck they are talking about :o)

    Here's a link if you want to give it a try:

  2. dan says:

    According to your stats on the Presbyterian church, 1975 was a really bad year. The other number that jumped out was a median age of 61.

    As a Catholic, I found the comment of one Presbyterian meaningful: he felt like he was a mere spectator at the services. The sermons I have endured at mass over the years have been dreadfully boring and I usually leave thinking, what have I accomplished in the last hour other than fullfilling an obligation?

    I have in-laws who are Buddist. They meet at a temple which is strictly a social affair: small groups of friends eating and conversing. At any time during their visit, they may choose to meet informally with a monk to seek advice on how to deal with an issue or problem that's troubling them. It's a structure that seems to have a lot of merit.

  3. The Donald says:

    Re: The Presbyterians – I am not totally up on all things Presbyterian, but my Grandmother was a devout one, and I seem to recall there was a schism sometime in the past 40 years with the synods going this way and that, Orthodox and non-orthodox or somesuch. For myself, I have drifted from the Methodists to a non-denominational that has its foundation in Baptist traditions and doctrine, something I thought I would never do.

    Vis-à-vis the Iranian woman, I heard a newscast (a regular one, not Bo & Jim or Lex & Terry) say that "there was no hard evidence [she'd] committed adultery". I almost spilled my coffee…

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