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Twitter mood maps reveal emotional states of America

America, are you happy? The emotional words contained in hundreds of millions of messages posted to the Twitter website may hold the answer. Computer scientist Alan Mislove at Northeastern University in Boston and colleagues have found that these “tweets” suggest … Continue reading

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Can You Spot the Cat?

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Cute Blood Sample Syringes

‘Syrinx’ is a modern day syringe, designed by Jesper Nilsson, that will surely reduce the trauma of poking needles, if not eradicate it completely. The fear reducing formula of the Syrinx lies in its Sphynx-shaped needle: cutely designed things that … Continue reading

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Everyday Must Be A Bad Day at Work

Because some things just cannot be unseen . . . Policing the Web’s Lurid Precints Ricky Bess spends eight hours a day in front of a computer near Orlando, Fla., viewing some of the worst depravities harbored on the Internet. … Continue reading

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Crucifix used to pry open poor box

A man was charged with burglary Wednesday after police said he broke into a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, church with an unusual tool – a crucifix. George Horn allegedly broke into the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church on the night … Continue reading

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The TP from my dorm room would have been a deadly weapon

A North Carolina man faces a felony charge after police say he shot his wife with a wad of toilet paper stuffed into a gun. Multiple media outlets reported Wednesday that 38-year-old Lonnie Irvin Pinnix was charged with assault with … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

I saw the most interesting three wheeled vehicle at the gas station yesterday. If I haven’t said it before, let me say it now, Sonic commercials beat me down, especially the one where the guys are in a truck and … Continue reading

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