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Prizes for bringing visitors to church

As mentioned in the video, it comes down to $12.50 per visitor.

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Traded an old cell phone for a Porsche

Most people throw away old cell phones without a second thought. Steven Ortiz is not like most teenagers. This 17-year-old Californian went on Craigslist to turn a used cell phone a friend gave him into a Porsche convertible. Harvard Business … Continue reading

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‘House churches’ keep worship small, simple, friendly

DALLAS (AP) — To get to church on a recent Sunday morning, the Yeldell family walked no farther than their own living room to greet fellow worshippers. The members of this “house church” are part of what experts say is … Continue reading

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Portrait Projecting Ring

Working with local jeweller Tamrakar, this ring was created for the wedding of Luke Jerram and Shelina Nanji. In a darkened room, light from a candle or LED passes through the ring to project a series of portraits. A selection … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

Somehow I lost my debit card.  Grrrr.  But when I called in to report it was lost, the rep told me that someone already called in to report it lost and for a new card to be sent to me. … Continue reading

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