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Newspaper Wants You To Pay To Comment

It appears that the Sun Chronicle, which appears to be based in Massachusetts, has chosen to go to a pretty extreme position. Reader Shawn alerts us that The Sun Chronicle disabled their comment system a few months back, after it … Continue reading

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You Say God Is Dead? There’s an App for That

An explosion of smart-phone software has placed an arsenal of trivia at the fingertips of every corner-bar debater, with talking points on sports, politics and how to kill a zombie. Now it is taking on the least trivial topic of … Continue reading

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God Block

GodBlock is a web filter that blocks religious content. It is targeted at parents and schools who wish to protect their kids from the often violent, sexual, and psychologically harmful material in many holy texts, and from being indoctrinated into … Continue reading

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Yoda recording for TomTom GPS – behind the scenes

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Characters that didn’t make the cut to appear in Super Mario Bros

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Bag of Randomness

Dang it, dang it, dang it . . . I missed a golden opportunity to capture a great time-lapse video.  BibleScholarGeorge had a group of friends over at the house he is totally remodeling and we all helped load a … Continue reading

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